Siding Installations & Home Addition Services

Serving Berks and Montgomery County

When it comes to siding repairs and installation of home additions here in Limerick, PA and nearby areas, Eugene Field INC has the most comprehensive set of services that will definitely leave you satisfied about the project.


We Are Experienced, Skilled, And Efficient

Walls are one of the basic protections of the house from outside forces. However, we also need to understand that these parts also need protection in order to fully meet their purpose. Through installing sidings or wall cladding, the walls can last longer, be sturdier, and even be more visually appealing. Aside from this, we also provide repairs for your current wall sidings. Here are the sidings that we, at Eugene Field INC, can provide for you:

  • Stucco Plaster
  • HardieBacker Board
  • Vinyl SidingsWood Sidings (all types)
  • Stone Siding
  • Metal Sidings

Add More Space To Your House

Overtime, the number of people in the family will inevitably increase. This is one of the reasons why many growing families often resort to moving into another house. This scenario does not always have to happen. The solution to the demand for a wider space in a household is HOME ADDITIONS! Through this, you can be able to accommodate the increase of family members and, at the same time, save the memories that you have in your current house. Here are some of the home addition projects that we can provide:

  • In-law additions
  • Kitchen extension addition
  • Two story extensions
  • Second story extensions
  • Bedroom addition
  • Family room addition
  • Porches

Get in touch with Eugene Field INC now to know more about siding repair, siding installation, and home addition services that we provide for Limerick, PA and its adjacent areas. You can give us a call at 610-495-5125 or send us an email at Work with us now and let us help you protect the structure of the house and even the memories stored in your home.