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Effective Repairs and Emergency Services

A great quality roof is designed to last for years. Unfortunately, it won't last forever. Due to the ever-changing weather patterns that Montgomery constantly experiences, roof repair is definitely a service any homeowner would need down the line. When the roof is leaking, shingles have blown away, or just practically worn, hiring the professional roofing contractors would help maintain the integrity of the home.

Here at Eugene Field Inc., we make sure that you get the roof repair services you need. We provide our service directly and do not rely on subcontractors for our work. This means we will be directly coordinating with you on your roof project to ensure that your repairs will be completed effectively, reliably, and right the first time. Not only do we provide roof repair, installations, and replacement services, at Eugene Field Inc., we also offer emergency services to help fix any sudden roofing issues that need immediate attention.

New Roofs and Roof Repairs Ideal for your Limerick, PA home

New Roofs and Roof Repairs for clients across Montgomery and Berks County

Homes come in various looks and designs, and the roof, even more so. It is important that you choose the type of roof that is right for your home to meet your aesthetic and functional needs. Whether you are building a new home or refreshing your existing space, let us help you choose and provide fast and effective roof installation services for your house and enjoy a cozy, secure home for years to come. Here are some of the types of roofing that we are able to install:

  • Flat roofs
  • 30 year shingles
  • 50 year shingles
  • Rubber roofs

Get in touch with us now and we’ll provide you with the right kind of roofing installation for your home. You can give us a call at 610-495-5125in order to discuss the specifics of your roofing needs. Alternatively, you can also send us an email at We cater to clients across Montgomery and Berks County.

Trust only Eugene Field Inc. to provide you with the best roof repair, and installations services.