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Montgomery County is one of the most diverse counties in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and probably even the entire United States. There’s an estimated 831,000 people living in the county alone, making it the 3rd most populous county in the state and 73rd in the entire country. Indeed, it is definitely a hotspot for families or couples wanting to settle down especially given how geographically diverse Montgomery County is. And if you were planning to build a house or if you already do have an existing household, the ideal option for you would be to go for either home building or home improvement two enhance the appeal of your home and elevate the functionality of your property.


Benefits of Home Improvement and Home Building

One of the main benefits of hiring professional contractors to provide home building solutions is that you have control over the design and layout of your residence, unlike that of buying a pre-existing home where you possibly become limited in terms of these aspects. Also, homebuilding gives property owners the benefit of choosing the materials needed to fit their respective budget and meet their desired output. Generally speaking. it's pretty much straight forward when it comes to home building services — All one has to do is to hire the right company to do it. With the right team working on your new home, you’re guaranteed results that work within your budget and envisioned design.

Home improvement is somewhat different but equally as beneficial for homeowners. With over 290,000 households in Montgomery County, most residents would likely choose to buy a pre-existing home when settling in the area. Of course, any homeowner would want to personalize their household to fit their intended needs and purposes, and it's not every day that one would come across a house that already provides the amenities that one needs. With home improvement services, homeowners are able to modify their homes to capture their vision and meet their respective needs. Room additions for newborns, basement remodeling services to add function and appeal, and remodeling services that personalize their homes and add value to one's property. It’s quite easy to justify why home improvement is beneficial to any homeowner living in Montgomery County.

Our Services

Eugene Field Inc. provides a multitude of home improvement and general construction services for clients across Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. Whether you're looking for professional roofers who can repair or replace your roofing, or if you're in need of home remodelers who understand your desired concept and see to it that they are properly met, you can trust Eugene field Inc. to meet and exceed your expectations. Feel free to check out our various home improvement and general construction services to get a better idea of what exactly you can expect when you partner with us.



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Why Choose Us

Here at Eugene Field Inc., we provide home building & home improvement services for our clients across Montgomery County. With over three decades of professional experience in the field of construction and remodeling, we are definitely the contractors who you can trust to deliver the output that you need to fit your needs and wants. We have a team of general contractors & remodeling experts with unrivalled training and experience, guaranteeing exceptional results that's definitely worth your investment.

While we do not claim to be best home building & home improvement contractors in Montgomery County, we do aim to separate ourselves from the rest of the competition by providing our services with the utmost attention to detail and commitment to meet the needs of our clients. We believe that homeowners across Montgomery County deserve a better living environment for their loved ones, and through a systematic approach to our home improvement and home building solutions, we are able to deliver what they want and exceed their expectations. Regardless if the project is a seemingly straightforward task such as window replacement or a full-blown home building project, rest assured that our team will be able to provide you with the output that you need in a timely and organized manner.

For some projects, it’s not just about the quality of our output that matters. Sometimes, the timeframe also matters as much. Projects such as window replacements or roof repairs should be given immediate attention to secure the integrity of the home and the livelihood of the people living within it. Eugene Field Inc., understands how crucial such needs are and sees to it that these home improvement projects are accomplished within the given deadline. And while some companies opt to outsource their manpower, our company deploys our own people so you can guarantee that you are directly working and communicating with us throughout the project. This makes it beneficial for you since requests and concerns can be relayed directly to our contractors and have it addressed as soon as possible, thus saving more time and effort as per the project itself.



It's quite easy to claim that our home improvement and home building offers are the best across Montgomery County, but proving it is a totally different story. Here at Eugene Field Inc., we let our clients speak for the caliber of our team and the quality of our services. Check out what they have to say so you can be more confident in hiring us for your next home remodeling or construction project. it's all about being transparent with our clients, and through our reviews, we aim to make our new clients feel better about partnering with us.

I needed my roof to be repaired As soon as possible since it's been raining for the past weeks and I really could not afford getting leaks inside my home. I hired Eugene field’s roofers to fix the damage and they got it done within the day. i'm really impressed. good job.

Sonny K.

we just moved in with my family and we have a baby on the way but the house we currently have only has two rooms. the property and so can accommodate for home additions saw him called in these guys 2 add an extra room for our house. we have on its specific requests given that the room is for the baby, we were actually surprised that they managed to accommodate all our requests without blowing our budget. will definitely recommend them.

Alysssa R.

I was lucky enough to buy a piece of land and wanted to build a small home for me and my wife. got in touch with Eugene field to discuss the specifics of our home and the budget constraints that we had during that time. they were Able to provide an estimate, I gave the approval and surprisingly enough their estimate falls close to the actual budget which is very beneficial for us. Thanks guys.

Kendrick M.

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