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Berks County is one of the most sought-after places to visit and even settle down. known for a lot of attractions, Berks showcases a plethora of various reasons for any resident to stay a while or stay for good.  The county has a population of over 421,000, With households ranging from 100,000 to 155,000. It's quite reasonable to look for a home or property that one could call their own. Now, if you are a property owner in Berks County and would like to personalize your property to fit your needs, hiring a home improvement specialist to enhance both the appeal and function of your house is definitely a good investment on your part.

Before Opting for Home Improvement

Benefits of opting for home improvement range from added aesthetics, to better functionality, to cost efficiency, and even adding home value if you so happened to plan on selling your house in the future.  and given how appealing Berks County Pennsylvania is Becoming among potential settlers, you as a property owner are placed at the center of an opportunity that benefits you and your family. Indeed, there is no denying that home improvement is definitely an option you should consider. but not all home improvement companies in Berks County can provide the proper solutions that you need to properly enhance your property. Here's where we come in.

Eugene Field Inc. provides exceptional home improvement and home building services for clients across Berks County. with over 3 decades of professional experience in the field, we have become a household name in the industry. We have a team of highly skilled contractors with unrivaled dedication to their respective crafts, whether it be roofing, window replacements, Basement remodeling, or even home building, you can trust that Eugene Field Inc. will be able to deliver and exceed what the expectations that you set. feel free to check out the various services that we provide below.



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Mission and Vision

Eugene Field Inc. is founded upon the principle of customer service and satisfaction. wow we are not the only home improvement and home building company in Berks County, our attention to detail and commitment defines us from the rest. We believe that homeowners deserve a better living environment for them and their family, and through our personalized home improvement solutions, we would like to think that we are indeed giving them the opportunity that they deserve.

Hiring Eugene Field Inc. means you are partnering with a bona fide home improvement & home building company that Ensures top tier services that not only elevates your living conditions, but also provides you with more opportunities for you and your family and the future. It is our mission to give what our clients want and exceed their expectations. While we do not claim to be the best in the field, our reputation as one of the most sought-after home improvement and home building specialists in the county makes us our reputable choice for homeowners like you.


Client Reviews

We would like to think that we are able to help homeowners across Berks County achieve their desired output for their home. but we can only do so much in terms of convincing you. so, we're letting our top queens speak for the quality of our work and the integrity of our team. we would like you to feel more confident about your choice, even before you decide to partner with us. regardless if the project is about roof repairs, basement remodeling, room additions, or Even homebuilding, let our partners give you a better idea of what we can deliver. see what they have to say.


We noticed a few leaks occurring on our ceiling and decided to check on our roof. turns Out that our roof is already damaged and in need of repairs. Hired Eugene Field Inc. to do the necessary repairs in the quickest amount of time and date did not disappoint. will definitely recommend them.

Melissa J.


My windows were busted up and I need replacements ASAP. Eugene field was quick to replace my damage windows in front of my house on the same day that I called them up. they were quick to accomplish the job, especially because I do not want to delay and risk my house being open to unwanted visitors at night.

Aaron G.


We just acquired a new home and me and my husband we're looking for affordable remodelers around Berks who can give our home a fresh new look. I was able to talk to the guys at Eugene Field Inc. and they gave me an impressive proposal and affordable estimate as to our project. the results are more than what we can expect. highly recommended.

Anita K.

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If you were a resident of Berks County and require the services of professional home improvement and home building contractors, Partner with Eugene Field Inc. today. We deliver excellent solutions to improve your living conditions and make your stay and Berks County worth your while. You can reach us at 610 4955 125. Alternatively, you can also send us an email at can discuss with one of our contractors to get a free estimate about your project, we are more than willing to assist you with any and all of your home improvement & home building needs.

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