Home Building & General Construction Services In Royersford and Areas Across Berks Berks & Montgomery County

Home building is the quintessential service that any new property owner in Royersford and across Montgomery and Berks County should get a hold of. But hiring a home builder to work on your dream home is not as straightforward as it may seem. One Should consider the level of expertise a company has and how impressive their portfolio is. Another thing to consider is if they also have the same vision as you do. If these factors (among others) are not considered, you are risking having a home that falls short of a dream home. Not to mention the possibility of more expenses in the future due to improvements and revisions that could have been accomplished during the initial build. Here where we come in.


Home Building Services and General Construction

New construction is a service that we specialize on. Our team has been providing clients in Royersford and across Montgomery and Berks County with such services for years, making us one of the most experienced home builders in the area to date. And while other companies rely heavily on practicality over design (which is in general a valid argument), our team goes the extra mile to give what our clients want. This is what separates our home building solutions from the rest. Each time a request is made, we coordinate with our team and discuss options on how we can deliver it without sacrificing quality or our client’s budget. We then inform our clients and explain if such request is possible and provide alternatives if such request would compromise the structural integrity of the build. Only after they approve will we begin with the construction process.

Not only do we provide new construction, but we also offer home construction for existing homes in Royersford and across Montgomery and Berks County. If you’re one who has a specific vision for an existing room and want to change or maximize the space you already have, partner with Eugene Field Inc. Our team of home builders will be able to provide you with the solutions that you need to increase living space within your home. We’ll survey the area and assess the situation before putting our design on paper. This way, we ensure that the construction process goes smoothly without running into problems along the way. We'll discuss the design and layout with you and get your approval before proceeding with the construction proper. Our contractors will then get right to it, ensuring that such home construction projects are met within the agreed time frame.

Emergency Residential Construction Solutions

Home building is not just about carefully planned construction projects that have the luxury of time. Sometimes, general construction services are required during emergency situations. It might come as a surprise at how often we get contacted for such cases. We’ve been called in to construct a new roof before the rains come or when we’re commissioned to construct a bathroom for a home that has been recently damaged.

If such emergency situations arise, we’ll pull our manpower and focus on accomplishing the request. And since our company works with the construction project directly, third party entities and unforeseen delays are practically eliminated. And while other companies distribute their manpower, especially if they have accepted multiple construction projects, we do not cut our resources during such home constructions in order to meet our time frame. Not only that, but our contractors are also keen on detail and ensure that each emergency construction is accomplished properly despite such tight deadlines. Being one of the leading home construction companies in Royersford and across Montgomery and Berks County, we provide nothing but top-tier output for all our general construction projects, regardless of time constraints.


Eugene Field Inc. understands how personal a home can mean to our clients. It not only provides the basic needs of a family, but it’s also an extension of a homeowner’s personality. With that concept in mind, it becomes quite clear that a home should look and function the way a homeowner should. That’s why our team of home builders work to construct homes that capture our client’s vision. Whether such home building projects aim to maximize space or develop living space in general, our team of contractors are well-experienced to deliver residential construction services that's worth your investment. We are definitely your number one choice for home building and general construction solutions in Royersford and across Montgomery and Berks County. From new construction to emergency solutions, we’ll make sure to deliver timely output without compromising quality or your budget.

If you so happen to require home builders across the area, feel free to give us a call. We also provide other home improvement services to elevate the overall appearance and function of your home.