Basement Remodeling Services

Serving Montgomery County and Surrounding Areas

The basement and the bathroom are two parts of the house that are necessary for any US household. Each of these, though used in different reasons, have indispensable importance to addressing the needs of the family living in the house. However, as time goes by, modification may need to be employed to improve the functionality of these parts and Eugene Field INC can definitely provide you with the best bathroom and basement remodeling in Limerick, PA and other surrounding areas.

Nowadays, there are many different ways on how you can redesign your bathroom. You can just add a new tub or shower, repaint the bathroom walls, or even do a total makeover of the room. Nevertheless, there are only two reasons why we do this: to transform the bathroom into the way we want it to look and to improve its overall functionality.

On the other hand, the basement may be one of the least visited parts of the house but the role it plays can be considered equally important to the other parts of the structure. Commonly, the laundry area, water tanks, and the HVAC system are placed in this room. This is the reason why remodeling the basement is beneficial especially if you are planning to include more modern equipment to your house. This would also provide more space since the basement - aside from the attic - serves as a storage area for tools, unused belongings, and food preserves.

So, if the thought of of a basement or bathroom remodeling plays in your mind and if you are a resident of Limerick, PA, there is only one name to call - Eugene Field INC! With our expertise in the remodeling and construction industry, you can rest assured that you only get top of the line remodeling services for any part of your home. Call us now at 610-495-5125 or send us an email at to get a free remodeling quote.